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Texas Hold'em Poker Online

Holdem : Game of Resource management relies on the management of your own personal skills & card resources to leverage control of pots and drive the other players away from the table . Nowadays The Most fashionable & popular poker variant played in USA casinos is Texas Holdem.

All the other poker games like stud or draw make thier player holds a separate individual hand, but Holdem is a community card game where each player may use any combination of the five community cards and their own two hole cards to make a poker hand. Texas Hold'em is so uncomplicated to learn you could sit down and start playing and learn it as you go. You got to have some very basic ideas so that right from your first game, you hold a good chance at winning.

Texas Holdem is a deceptively simple game to learn but a harder game to master

Strategy to play:

It starts with players dealing with two 'Hole' cards that only they can see and use. Then, five 'community' cards are dealt in the middle of the table that everyone can see and use with their hand. Players can make their five-card hand from both, one or none of their hole cards in combination with the community cards. The pot can also be raised to a certain limit depending on the variety of Texas Hold'em. Every round of card dealing is followed by a round of betting and the same medley: check, bet, call, raise, fold. Check means to pass not really putting money in, bet by putting money in the pot, call by matching the last bet, raise by putting more money in than the last bet, or fold, that is laying down your cards for this hand and not participating. For example we will use a low limit structure of $2/4. There are four betting rounds and the first two have a limit of $2 and the last two rounds have a limit of $4.

In Early position:

Raise with A-A, K-K and A-Ks from any position. (s denotes suited cards) Call with A-K, A-Qs, K-Qs and Q-Q J-J, T-T and fold everything else.

In Middle position:

Call with, 9-9, 8-8, A-Js, A-Ts, Q-Js, A-Q, K-Q

In Late position:

Call with A-Xs, K-Ts, Q-Ts, J-Ts, A-J, A-T and small pairs. (note x denotes any card) It takes a stronger hand to call a raise than it does to make with one, If there is a raise before it is your turn to act you should fold. Why put in two bets with marginal hands?


•  Reading poker books gives you the knowledge on variety of playing methods.

•  Only play in low limit games as a beginner.

•  Practice at home with tutorial software.


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