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A bluff is a bet or a raise made with a hand that has no chance of winning. Bluffing is a very valuable weapon to have in your poker arsenal but you should make sure you use it correctly and don't over use it. It has always been an indispensable aspect of any poker game. The purpose of a bluff is to win a pot when your hand is not strong enough to do so on it's own. You are essentially representing a big hand when in reality you have nothing. When done effectively & professionally, bluffing can lead to key wins in the game of poker. It creates a lasting impression when top players are able to remain indifferent and cool even while holding the most dreadful cards in their hands.


Semi-bluffing replaces a pure bluff. You would use a semi-bluff when your hand is not strong enough to win but might be if you are able to improve it. By betting, you are looking for the other players to fold so that you will win the pot right then and there. However, if a player at the table calls your bet you still have a chance to improve your hand and win. A perfect situation for a semi-bluff is when you a flush or straight draw. By betting or raising you may end up winning the pot.

Live Poker Bluffing

If you feel too concerned about bluffing, when poker gives you a certain advantage. Go around the room first and watch how other players keep their cool despite the huge odds. Be in awe and watch. It is quite demanding to preserve indifference even when you have five futile cards. Never mind. Advise yourself that if they can do it so can you!

Don't let anything wreck your game. Picture that this is just being played for enjoyment and there are no crowds of people observing you, keenly waiting whether you'll call or fold, anticipating your next move. It may be hard to learn and master but bluffing requires patience, dedication as well as solid mental skill.

Bluffing Online

Usually Online poker players are discouraged from excessive bluffing. The plain reason is that there is no point in doing so because you won't be able to take advantage of the effect. Your opponents cannot see you so it's futile to have that poker face.

And since the majority of players know this fact, many of them attempt to bluff more than they would in real casino games. They raise the stakes even if they don't have the capacity to do so, expecting that you'll turn back. They monitor your action because in their minds they know that you're also bluffing just like them.

But if you still want to bluff in online poker games, restrict your bluffing to the lowest possible bet. Be patchy so that your faceless competitors will not have a clue as to whether you have a good poker hand or just bluffing.
So, for all those who dream of being a great pro, bluffing is one skill that you need to cultivate actually.


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