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Poker Betting

Betting is central to the game of Poker. In the majority of games, a player must ante some amount of money just to get dealt. This amount varies in each individual game. Poker is a game of chance. But as and when you introduce the concept of betting, poker games gain quite a bit of skill and psychology. Poker betting happens in turn i.e. in a clockwise direction. If you have neither of the blinds, when it is your turn to act you will have the option to fold, check or raise. If you are not opening the pot (the first voluntary bettor) then you have the option to call as well. Poker Betting begins when 2 cards (pocket cards) are dealt face down to each player. The next 3 cards (flop cards) are then dealt. A round of bets follows. The 4th board card (turn card) is dealt and another round of betting ensues. The 5th and final card, the river card, is dealt, after which the betting resumes. When all bets are done, the showdown takes place between the remaining players. The winner is declared from the showdown.

Let us take an example below:

Imagine a scenario when there are no 'bets' aimed at you. Now you can either bet or check.

Bet : You can put a bet on the poker table. After this, all other players must 'call' your bet by putting the same amount of money in the pot. In case they do not, they must 'fold'.

Check : You have the alternative not to place any money into the pot. Further, if no one else bets, then the game would go on and everyone who did not 'fold' still remains in the hand. Yet, if someone else chooses to bet, then you have another option to make.

Next, consider a situation when there is a bet aimed at you. You can go forward and ‘fold, 'call', or check'.

Fold : You avoid placing any more money in the pot. Nevertheless, you are now fully out of this hand and also you cannot win any money. Besides, any money that you have already put into the pot up to this point is forever lost.

Call : You can put money into the pot which is equal to the amount that has been 'bet' to this point. However, you would continue to stay in the hand. Play will go on and the next card will be dealt till such time when no one else raises. Whenever there are no more cards, it leads to a showdown.

Raise : You put money into the pot which is equal to the amount that has been 'bet' until now, and you 'bet' more money. At this moment, all the other players can either 'call' your 'raise' or 'fold'. They can, on the other hand, re-raise' you.

Fixed Limit / Pot Limit / No Limit

The maximum bets & raises admissible and the structure of poker betting, are all decided by the nature of individual games as follows:

Fixed Limit Poker - Here the betting limits are always structured by round. For example $10/$20 signifies that the initial bets and raises are $10, and the later bets and raises come close to $20.

In Pot Limit Poker, the highest amount players can raise or bet equals the size of the pot.

In No Limit poker games, there is basically no maximum limit or structure on the bet or raise, excepting the extent to which you are limited to bet the amount of chips you have on the table.

Determining the timing of betting and how much to bet is a large part of a players Poker skills and strategies adopted. Our site helps you with important information to make good decisions.


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